Once upon a time many moons ago, a wise old man who knew me well made a toast. He said many a kind word but ended with one simple sentence that has stuck with me ever since: “she’s quirky... but lovable”.

To this day I still ponder this man’s summation of my life, and I'm continually perplexed by his definition of quirky! He assumed it was a negative quality to own, but felt I redeemed myself by possessing the trait of lovability!

I say, it's nice being a little bit different, even if not everyone gets it!

With a love of design, handmade and all things kitsch, Quirky But Lovable was born. 

By day I am a mum and an Interior Designer and by night a crafter of all things cool for your mini. 
This is my life, welcome. We hope you get what we are doing here at QBL HQ... it's always nice to meet other quirky folk too ;)

Bec x